my footsteps all way long

my footsteps all way long
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

:: qurterfinal ::

huh..what a day.just back from futsal tournament in nilai bluegate im wearing num 5. played as defender. weve won 2-0 in da first game.quite hard team to defeat.then goin' thru to da 2nd round. beat desaria with 5 goals to no. n da precious thing was, ive scored da 2nd goal..hehe..after that we played for da quarterfinal. unfortunately weve lost da game..weve been beaten 3-1..its such unaccepted by loosing to da indian team damn. but anyway its still means a lot because da guy whom sponsoring us just came & watching our match..hurm uncle ganesh( he's da one supporting us a lot) shuld be really dissapointed..sorry man..we'll try our best shot in da next game.

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